What is link popularity and link popularity software? Link popularity refers to the number of backlinks (inbound links) you have to your website. So, in other words, how many other websites are linking to yours? The reason that this number is important is because the higher your link popularity, the better you look to search engines, the higher up you will appear in search engine results, and the more traffic and sales you will get out of your website.

Link popularity software is something that you can use to check your search engine rank and manage and monitor your backlinks. The rank of any website is determined by the quality of your incoming links. So, while it is also important to have many links, you want to make sure that your links are relevant to your site as well. This is what makes them better quality.

Using the right software can help you find new backlinks and track existing ones. Believe it or not, you could actually be linked to other websites without even realizing it. But it's important that your know where your links are originating from. Again, you want them to come from quality sources, not link farms or other non-reputable sites. The right software can actually allow you to do the necessary research about which sites to use in order to become more highly ranked by the search engines.

Can you do all of this work without software? Yes. But it takes a great deal of time and, if you are new to the whole "link-building" concept, then you also need to learn quite a bit about how to go about it the most effective way. Software can save you an enormous amount of time and effort. As you let a system do your work for you, you can still continue to learn about link-building and have time to do other business-building activities as well.

But as far as business-building goes, the concept of link popularity is extremely important if you want to have any kind of presence online. And, in order to succeed in today's economy, you need to be present online.

Link popularity software can offer you a wide range of strategies for generating traffic as well as for building links. It can help you monitor the ranking of your website in the various search engines, find high page ranks easily and even find the right affiliates to sell your products. It can also monitor reciprocal links on affiliate sites and show which pages are indexed in search engines. You can choose to go with the free software and then upgrade to other link-building services that the software providers usually offer. However, it's important to make sure you do your research and take a look at several services before picking one to handle your website's link popularity improvement.

Link popularity building is one of the elements that will allow you to enjoy success with your online presence. The term "link popularity" is really just a measure which takes into account the quantity and quality of other web sites that link to any other website. Your website is, of course, the one which you will focus your link popularity building efforts. There are many ways to build links back into your website, and, unfortunately, most of them are rather time-consuming and tedious. In addition to this, as long as the search engines are using link popularity as a main gauge of how to rank your site in the results, you will need to continuously perform backlink building. This is not something you do once and wait for results. It is an ongoing process.

Having said this, there's nothing tricky about getting links to your site. You can submit your site to the various search engines, comment on forums, blogs, and within social media sites, and do some article writing, which is what we will focus on in this article.

Article writing is more time-consuming that submitting your site, posting, and commenting, but it can also be much more effective when done the right way. The key to writing and submitting articles in order to bring backlinks to your site is to be consistent, and that is often difficult for busy online marketers. One solution to this problem is to hire someone to write the articles for you. You can do this at any of the freelance sites such as Elance.com or Guru.com. However, if you know your subject and audience well, you can often do the articles better and faster than someone that you would pay to do so.

When writing your articles, or instructing someone to do them for you, make sure you give them very targeted keywords to focus on. If you are just starting out in your niche, you will want to focus on the less competitive keywords which you can find through the free Google Adwords Keyword Research tool or any paid keyword research tool. The more focused and relevant your keywords that you use in your articles are to your website, the better quality links you will be getting back to it.

One strategy is to write many articles all at once, and then to submit them separately. You can write five to ten articles in one day and then submit one each day for example. Or you can write one article every one or two days and submit it as you do it. You can then "spin" your article (change it enough so that it appears to be unique to the search engines) by changing the title, first sentence in every paragraph, and even the keywords if you choose. Submit your articles to EzineArticles.com and GoArticles, two of the best ranking article directories. You can also choose to invest in an article-submitter which will submit your articles to hundreds of different article directories, and may even spin the original article for you. Bookmarking your articles will also help in the link popularity building process.