Domain names are one of the most significant methods of presenting any website. Naturally a website is easily accessible once that name is memorized. Unlike an IP address, domain names are simple textual names which make the website more popular. With advances in web marketing and designing, most companies and individuals with websites opt for easy and keyword centric names for their websites. These can be optimized in the search engines to get higher rankings on the internet.

One major misconception which people have is that the domain name with valuable keywords can make your website the top most in any search engine. This is true, but to an extent only. The keywords which are put in the search engines do not necessarily work on the domain names alone. The algorithm may also search the content of the website which has more keywords or keywords relevant to that particular search. Websites which have been optimized specifically with keyword rich content shall have much more weight.

Keyword rich content

Search engine optimization is mainly done to increase the ranking of the website. It helps the site reach a higher position when a search relevant to its content is carried out. It is important to understand that if the content is targeted towards a particular subject it should have all relevant keywords. Some other synonyms and other words which belong to that subject may also help the website gain a good ranking when a search is done.

Domain name significance

Domain name is the basic identity of the website and no website is popular unless it has an attractive name. One important factor for making the website popular is to embed keywords in the domain name and make the website emerge out of the crowd on the search engine. This happens as the first word that the search engine spider searches is the domain name and it will give a positive response to the website for linking it to the content.

Which is better? Rich content or domain name

A domain name embedded with a keyword is good when the search is done for a single keyword. The limitation is that the domain name cannot carry many keywords. Content starts acting in the positive way to the search when multiple keywords are used while searching. It helps then, to have the same keywords embedded in the website multiple times. However, these should be inserted sensibly and should have relevance to the topic.

So, though the optimization of search engine results begins right there at the domain name, it continues down to a rich and relevant content peppered with appropriate keywords.

Getting the website optimized for keyword rich content and having the domain name intelligently crafted with one or more keywords can make all the difference in search engine optimization. The website will reach the top in any search made by the user. Thus the aim of optimum web promotion and marketing will be met and the owner of the website will benefit in every way.

You went and got yourself a good domain name. The next thing you would be looking for is registering the same. But because a domain name is so important, let’s just quickly go over the nitty-gritty of domain names before registering it:

1. There are thousands of possibilities for a domain name but one must choose a unique and relevant one. Seems hard, but it is do-able.

2. Try to keep the domain name as simple as possible for the visitors to remember. Your goal should be of registering a domain name that is short, easy to spell and which can stand out in the crowd.

3. Understand that a domain name is the key to a successful internet business and in conventional business it is equivalent to opening a shop or an office. Symbolically your domain name represents your keys to a lifestyle of free will. A domain name is crucial for your business to succeed in the present day competitive environment. When choosing a domain name, make sure that it is a reflection of your business or products.

4. Remember that no secret add-on service can be of any benefit unless you are getting web hosting or a low cost website domain name.

Domain name registration

Domain name registration is the same whether you order an inexpensive domain name or an exclusive one. Be sure to shop around before you register for a domain name. For checking the domain name availability, you can visit the local registration authority. Never assume that a domain name is available, only because it is not showing online when you try to bring it up with the browser. If a domain name is not showing online, there could be a possibility that the server of the website is down or it is still in its designing phase. You can purchase a domain name from any company that offers domain name registration.

Buying an expired domain name? Watch out!

Beware of expired domain names. If you are considering buying an expired domain name be sure to do an extensive check before completing the domain name registration process. Ask the registrar why the domain name has expired and what type of website was it answering for before expiring. Some expired domain names maybe banned because they were used by spammers or were selling illegal services or products. So, make sure that in the process of buying an expired domain name, you don’t end up burning your fingers.

Try for a double deal

There are many companies that offer the services of domain name registration and web designing. These companies may offer combinations such as a cheap domain name along with a reasonable website design. Again, remember to find out everything you can about the service provider.

Domain name registration is not that difficult once the domain name is decided. Following all the above guidelines and tips, the entire process of domain name registration can become a hassle free task. Always remember one thing that your domain name will be a decisive factor in your online success, so do take adequate time to pick a winning domain name.