A domain name may sound a tad bit of technical jargon but, it is simply an identity of a computer on the internet; something through which a computer is recognized on the internet. In the minds of the customers however, a domain name enhances the image of your organization to a great extent. Domain names are renewed after a certain time period and many new domain names are being introduced for the ease of users.

Changing domain names is not as difficult as it seems if you start right. Just follow these simple steps mentioned below to if you plan to change a domain name:

Click the option “Domain Name” in the site control.

Click the option “Change Domain Name” from the domain name management page. After some time, change domain name page will be displayed on your screen.

Read the information on this page carefully and understand it well. Double check that you have done the essential back up of the files. It is very important that you take the backup correctly, so take your time to do it right.

Next, enter the new domain name and click the option “Change Domain Name”.

A confirmation page will be displayed.

Read the information on this page carefully and make the necessary modifications.

Finally click on the “Confirm Domain Name Change” page.

Your domain name has been changed and loaded.

But before you actually go ahead and change you domain name here are a couple of tips that you may find useful:

1. Do you have many customers visiting your pages? If yes, be prudent when changing the domain name, because your existing customers may not be aware of the name change. You don’t want to lose them, do you?

2. Re-design all the web pages keeping in mind the new domain name. And remember, when you upload a new domain on the web always check whether the website is functional under the new domain or not. This sounds very obvious but is quite a common error. Many people don’t check and regret it later.

3. The new domain name may face the problem of aging delay. This is natural as, search engines may not be familiar with new domain name. To work around this problem, try using the old domain name until the new domain name is established. Of course, you will be the best judge of the on ground reality, or should we say the virtual reality!

4. Register with Google webmaster tools. These tools are helpful in examining the links and redirects of websites. If everything goes well, you can introduce your websites with the new domain names. This kind of investment may give you maximum profits with time. You can also opt for changing domain names at reasonable prices. However, this system of domain name change doesn’t apply fully to big businesses, as the information log of all the employees working in large organizations also has to be updated. This may pose a slight problem.

All in all, changing a domain name has its advantages for an organization even though you need to be prepared to face the initial hiccups.

Selling or transferring domain names has become almost like a popular sport in web business. Domain name transfer is nothing but the transfer of registered domains to another name. For those who may wish to transfer domain names it may seem like a herculean task because of the process that seems quite complicated, whereas in actuality it is not. You can transfer domain names quite easily these days with so many online sites and agencies actively involved in this business.

Often you choose a domain name for your business and get it registered. Somewhere down the line the chosen domain name may not serve the purpose anymore or a change may be called for. In such a scenario you might find people willing to buy your domain name especially if it is a popular name. While selling your domain name you are required to transfer the domain name to the party who is buying it from you. The entire process these days takes just a few minutes and the transfer happens quite fast.

The entire domain name business once upon a time was handled by Network Solutions Inc. There was no choice then when it came to selling or transferring domain names. But Network Solutions Inc no longer enjoys monopoly. There are thousands of reliable domain registrars who provide domain registration services and the process these days is no longer long drawn and complicated.

Whatever may be cause of your domain name transfer, you should apply for it with the gaining registrar who would be responsible for the entire operation. The gaining registrar will see into the matter and ensure that application filed for transfer is a valid one. An email will be sent to the administrative contact for validation. Sometimes a fax could also be sent for validation.

Process of domain name transfer

The process of domain name transfer is not complicated but it is completed in several steps. Usually it requires less than ten working days to get the domain name transferred, but in some cases it may take more time. First you need to choose a service through which you would carry out the domain name transfer. Once you have chosen a reliable service to help you with your domain transfer here are the few steps you would need to follow:

First collect all the necessary information and data about the person/business to whom the domain name is being transferred for instance name, address, email ID, and other important information. Secondly log onto the site and find the icon which leads you to ‘ My Domain Names’. Next you should choose and click on the domain name you wish to transfer. Finally go to manage accounts and fill the new registration form by clicking on ‘change account’.

Once it is done, the registrar will carry out the verification and other processes to transfer the domain name. In case if your transfer domain name fails, the registrars will refund you the money. However few registrars may charge a small amount as administration fee and other expenses for the transfer process even if it does not go through.

Transfer of domain names is similar to transfer of a real estate property that you own. The domain names change hands and ownership lies with the person in whose name the domain name is registered.